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Dirty Bomb Hack 2016




Dirty Bomb Hack is a very promising game which released in June 2015. It’s formerly known as Extraction but renamed to Dirty Bomb. It’s becoming very popular as more and more people are discovering this free to play game. The game developer Splash Damage has said that it’s free to play and free to win. It is.. if you got thousands of hours of time to grind! When you first join the game you are destroyed by the high ranking players which have bought themselves coins, new mercs and new loadouts.

We are now glad to announce that we have released a Dirty Bomb Hack. Our loyal visitors have wanted this for a long time and we have finally programmed it. We did this because it’s really unfair how money can buy everything in Dirty Bomb cheat. We wanted to make this ‘free to play’ game really.. FREE! With our Dirty Bomb Hack Tool you can finally be equal to the other players. No more DIAMOND level loadouts and merc shooting you from miles away.




With our new Dirty Bomb Hack 2016 you will be able to generate yourself credits to get all the gear you have ever wished. Be it Skyhammer or Vassili! In addition to that, our Dirty Bomb Cheat will allow you to use Aimbot, Wallhack, Speed Hack and No Recoil, No Reload hack. Using the hack you can win every round you wish and impress your friends! You probably wonder is this real.. and how does it work? Well – keep reading.



Dirty Bomb Credits Generator Hack
Aimbot Hack
Speed Hack
No Recoil
100% Safe, bypasses the Anti-Cheat and uses Proxy
100% Virus-free (scanned by VirusTotal)
100% Bug free, updated every 48 hours




Download the Dirty Bomb Hack from below
Before launching the game, start the cheat tool
When the game is launched, wait 10-20 seconds until Anti-Cheat disabled
Press F12 in-game to open the menu
Enjoy all the credits and unlocked things.. and HEADSHOTS





Download the Hack here!!










If you are bored of this pay to win game and really want to be equal with others.. download our Dirty Bomb Hack. With this hack you will be able to get yourself all the mercs you want, all the loadouts you want.. all the cases you want! Or.. you can just enable any of the hacks (Wallhack, Aimhack) and win the game for your team or friends.

With your Dirty Bomb Cheat everyone is finally equal and can fully enjoy this ‘free’ to play game! Just download it below to get started and press F12 in-game. Be sure to share this cheat tool with your friends for even more fun!

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